Flo's Clam Shack's


Flo’s Clam Shack & Flo’s Drive-in

“Famous for clams since 1936”

New Englanders always ate their clams steamed, raw on the half shell or chopped in chowda. In 1936, a Massachusetts man suggested that clams may taste good fried.

Since that day New Englanders have sought out the very best fried clams. When Flo’s Drive-in opened in 1936, they knew to look no further! For all these years, Flo’s has consistently offered fresh, tender, sweet, plump clams lightly dusted in a batter and fried just right. To taste what New Englanders have been craving for years, everybody knows……YOU GOTTA GO TO FLO’S!

Flo’s Clam Shack opens for the season in early March and closes Halloween weekend. Open Wed. – Sun, March – May, then everyday from 11am – 9pm until Oct. then back to Wed – Sun.

Flo’s Drive-In in Island Park has the same schedule most of the time sometimes maybe a little more or less.

But we are always………CLOSED HURRICANES!

Flo’s INSISTS on serving only the finest and freshest seafood at all times!


IN 1936

Flo moves a chicken coop from her farm to Island Park and begins the first Flo’s.

IN 1938

The great hurricane wipes out everything in sight. Another building comes in

IN 1954

Hurricane Carol knocks Flo’s down but she gets back up with 2 more buildings.

IN 1960

Hurricane Donna blows Flo’s down but again Flo’s emerges

IN 1985

Hurricane Gloria stops by and again, Flo’s rebuilds!

IN 1991

Hurricane Bob devastates the area. Flo’s is virtually gone! A new shack is built, and Flo, she’s still frying!

IN 1991

Flo’s in Middletown emerges in a beach cottage that survived the great Hurricane of ’38.


Consistent Quality and Value for over 81 Years